JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A local sheriff's office is encouraging people get permits to carry concealed firearms. 

In light of recent mass shootings, several sheriffs across the country are speaking out. One of those is Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel.

Noel made his opinion on gun issues crystal clear with a Facebook post Tuesday night.

The post reads: "Due to recent terrorist attacks and acts of violence in our great nation, Sheriff Jamey Noel would like to remind you of his strong support for the Second Amendment." 

The post also says the sheriff's office will be happy to help answer any questions about how to get a concealed carry permit. 

"The only thing that stops a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun," Noel said. 

Noel says he has fielded lots of questions lately. That's why the post links to the firearms license application. 

Noel -- who is also chairman of the Republican Party in Clark County -- tells us he has noticed an uptick from people wanting to know how to go about getting a CCW permit.  

Noel says he wants to make sure people have the facts - and tells us his office even plans to roll out a class that will explain the permitting process, when it's justified to use a gun and basic gun safety. 

"Just want to make sure, hey, here's the facts.  It's got a lot of good information on there, who is eligible to apply for the permit and how the process works," Noel said. 

He says it's important for residents to have a means to defend themselves before police can arrive. 

"On any given day, we're always understaffed and I think if you called the Jeffersonville Police Chief, Clarksville -- they will all tell you that they're understaffed and they don't have as many people as they need," Noel said. "I'd much rather have someone in their house if someone was to break in, in addition to calling 911, that they have a means to defend themselves before we get there."

While Noel's post has been shared more than 350 times and is gaining traction online, not everyone agrees with the idea. 

"I think it's just kind of preying on everybody's fear and we don't need to do that," said Clark County Democratic Chairman Tom Galligan. "It's just another political sound byte -- 'I'm here to help you' -- when really it's not going to be any help. It's going to be more harm than anything."

Gun shop owner, Rick Fach says at ESR Tactical, they have noticed a spike in gun purchases. 

"A lot of people are nervous about all the deals of the people coming from other areas, and ISIS, things like this, they're just scared," said Fach.

In Indiana, there are no training requirements to get a concealed carry permit. State police say more than 8,800 permits have been purchased in the past week, and that number is higher than usual.

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