LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Keeping your home safe while out of town for the holidays is something on every traveler’s mind this time of year.

The experts at AAA say one surefire way to tip thieves off that no one is home, is by letting mail and newspapers pile up.

"That’s probably the biggest mistake people make,” said Victoria Butler, Insurance Sales Manager with AAA.  “If it's the day you're leaving, make sure somebody brings your trashcans back in because it will appear as though nobody's home."

Butler also says it’s a good idea to have someone watch over your home. And limit how much you’re posting to social media.

She says there is something you can do to create the illusion that someone is home.

"If you have any Christmas decorations outside, put them on a timer as well as the lights inside your house so it looks like somebody's home,” said Butler.

Once the home is secure, you're almost ready to join millions of other Americans on the highway, but before you hit the road, remember to check your vehicle.

"Having the battery checked, make sure the terminals are good and clean,” said Chris Ralston, Safety Adviser and Spokesperson for AAA. “Also check your windshield wipers and make sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid on board. Check your tires to make sure the tread is in good shape."

Ralston also offered some tips for drivers during icy or snowy road conditions.

"We usually recommend if you're going under 25 mph, then you can usually brake to avoid an object. If you're going over, it's usually safer to steer around.”

And make sure the gas tank doesn't fall below a quarter of a tank.

Speaking of gas, prices are more than a dollar cheaper than they were last year at this time.

"Christmas Eve is when people start traveling the most, through that Sunday,” said Chelsea Pompeani, Public Affairs Director for AAA East Central.  "Typically, gas prices during that time are a little bit more expensive. But this year, we're going to see them continue to drop even lower."

A year ago, the average price of gas in Kentucky was $2.53.  Now, it's $1.83; making for a very jolly season for drivers.

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