WEST BUECHEL, Ky. (WDRB) -- An audit says thousands of dollars were allegedly spent on jewelry and the Home Shopping Network in West Buechel. 

In January, the auditor was asked to look into spending in West Buechel. The report alleges thousands of dollars in taxpayer money was spent for personal use by the previous administration.

"It feels like we are getting stolen from, basically," said West Buechel business owner Chris Medley.

Medley is a taxpayer and business owner.

"Nothing seemed right over there," Medley said. 

And if his comments about West Buechel government seem a little harsh, you should see the report from the state auditor.

"I am not surprised that this audit came out like it did," Medley said. 

In the report, Auditor Adam Edelen said "this city of roughly 1,300 residents is a mess."

The report also accuses former Mayor Sharon Fowler's administration of "spending tax dollars frivolously and with zero accountability."

While working on this story, Mayor Fowler returned our phone call and addressed allegations of personal spending on everything from jewelry to the Home Shopping Network.

"Now, jewelry, I am not aware of," said Mayor Sharon Fowler. "Home Shopping Network, yes, that was done and it was for products brought into the city."

There's more: the report also highlights nearly $87,000 spent on a city credit card in Fowler's name.

Fowler explained, "I know we did a tremendous amount of spending on that credit card when it came to setting the police department back up."

"It is a dirty, rotten shame that we cannot elect, in this small community, a council that has common sense," said Loy Crawford, West Buechel Council Member.

Crawford, who is a long-time city councilman, admits the report is alarming.

He said, "We need to do something; it is no good the way it is now. Morally and spiritually evil to operate a city under the way we've been doing over the years."

We asked, "if you're part of the problem, why do you keep running for office?" Crawford responded, "I'm trying to straighten out this office."

Chris Medley said he's tired of waiting for someone to get it right and wants a drastic change.

"Be nice to see it just disappear and maybe the city of Louisville come in and take over," said Medley.

The examination is now being sent to the Kentucky Attorney General, The Department of Revenue and FBI.

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