LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thousands of local parents will need to figure out what to do with the kids during the coming holiday break, but now there's a new option in Louisville's east end. 

It's a new family fun center that is truly a family affair.

Go carts, golf and games: welcome to Malibu Jack's -- Louisville's newest indoor family fun center. 

"As long as the kids are happy, everybody is happy," said owner Steve Hatton. "Isn't that right?"

The company is run by the three Hatton brothers -- Steve, Jeff and Terry -- who opened their first entertainment complex in Lexington two years ago. 

"A family fun center that was truly a family fun center -- not one where it's 'parents drop the kids off and go shop,'" said Steve Hatton. "Our whole philosophy is to get mom and dad to play with the kids."

In Louisville they've planted in a growing entertainment district off Blankenbaker Parkway, near the new Escape theater. 

Malibu Jack's will face stiff competition. Main Event, a bowling and billiards center, is going in right next door, and Puzzles Fun Dome sits about three blocks away.

"It's a $3 million investment here to get it all decked out," said Steve Hatton. "We're all in."

The building used to be Hoops, a giant basketball gym. The move in is a bit ironic, considering the Hattons are the sons of a UK basketball legend. Vernon Hatton played on the Cats' 1958 National Championship team and went on to four seasons in the NBA.

"I'm just thrilled to death," Vernon Hatton said. "I cannot believe they've been able to pull all of this together."

The family is hoping now to build a new legacy. 

"We're having interest in this type of facility all over the country," said Jeff Hatton. "Family entertainment centers are growing." 

They're hoping the opening in Louisville will be a slam dunk. 

"It's pretty crazy," Steve Hatton said. "We're trying. We announced on Facebook -- I don't know why -- that we'd be open in December, so I'm trying my best to hold to that."

Malibu Jack's will also boast the city's largest laser tag arena, at more than 7,000 feet, at the end of January.

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