BULLITT COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Sheriff's office handles law enforcement in Bullitt County, but if the county's fiscal court doesn't give the department the money needed to do the job, that police protection will end in just 90 days.

"We have been scratching by just to try to exist," said Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell.

Sheriff Greenwell said he has spent the last several years struggling to make ends meet.

"I tried to explain...I don't have the money," he reiterated.

Sheriff Greenwell said last year, he warned Bullitt Fiscal Court officials that he could be forced to end police protection for the county if his budget wasn't increased.

"When I explained to them that there was a real possibility that I couldn't afford it...they took it as a threat," said Sheriff Greenwell.

Now the threat is a promise and in 90 days, Greenwell's officers will no longer provide police protection for Bullitt County. That is unless the fiscal court will increase his budget from $600,000 to $850,000.

"The fiscal court, they're saying that they're not responsible for it and they're saying that they are not going to pay it," explained Greenwell.

Right now, the fiscal court already covers the cost of insurance for the sheriff's office. Greenwell said the court is also responsible for covering the cost of law enforcement.

"Well, they had already always been paying the insurance," he said.

Since taking office, Greenwell has been tough on crime, creating a drug task force that has led to several big drug busts. He said that will all continue if fiscal court will be more flexible with the budget.

"I am not after above and beyond; give me enough that at least I can provide what I am providing and not go in the hole every year," said Greenwell.

This is not a done deal, Sheriff Greenwell said if fiscal court will give him the extra $250,000 he will continue providing police protection.

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