JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Drivers on I-65 South can't get off at Exit 0 any more. That means drivers will no longer be heading directly into downtown Jeffersonville.

Still, one business owner in Jeffersonville says she isn't worried about losing customers.

"I really don't have any concerns,” said Terry Mattingly, owner of Heatwaves Salon. “I don't think it will affect my business; I'm not sure about the others. I just don't think people will be too concerned. If (they) want to come downtown, they'll find their way here."

With the ramp carrying traffic from I-65 South to Court Avenue closed for good, now drivers will have to use Exit 1, leading them to Stansifer Avenue.

If drivers miss Exit 1, they will have to continue on to Kentucky.

Downtown Jeffersonville patron, Alice Pruitt, says the new change won't deter her from coming to Jeffersonville. But says she sees how it could potentially push others away from the local businesses.

"It really doesn't affect us but I'm sure that it does the people here in this area,” said Pruitt. “Since the new bridge has been built, we just don't drive. We’re getting some age on us so we don’t want to fight that traffic. But it definitely will effect businesses, I’m sure. Change is in the air."

Another downtown Jeffersonville business owner says the changes could actually help alleviate an existing traffic problem.

"I don't think there will be less people coming through town as a result of that,” said Adrienne Holland, Owner of Adrienne and Co. Bakery Café. “If anything, I think people will be more inclined to come down here because the traffic won't be as backed up."

Don't forget, this is a permanent ramp closure.

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