LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky State Police say they've rounded up dozens of suspected criminals in a short amount of time.

Our WDRB crew was at KSP Post 5 in Campbellsburg at the crack of dawn to follow KSP and other agencies as the suspects were caught. Many of the suspects were brought in on drug charges, while others were facing charges related to child support.

"What are you being brought in for sir?" asked WDRB's Samantha Chatman as a suspect was escorted into the police post.

"I don't know!" he said, trying to hide his face. "They won't tell me!"

"Seriously," said another suspect. "It's child support. My God."

"Today is the culmination of a nine-month undercover investigation," said Trooper Josh Lawson of Kentucky State Police. "We have 21 drug charges -- primarily trafficking in a controlled substance -- and 10 flagrant non-support warrants are being served today."

It was an attempt to round up 31 individuals from Caroll, Trimble, Henry and Oldham Counties. We asked some of them how they got to this point.

"I didn't know I had to pay it," one woman said.

"You weren't informed that you had to pay child support?" asked WDRB's Samantha Chatman. 

"No, I've been incarcerated and I just -- I didn't know," she replied. "I just got a job."

"Where are your kids now?" asked Chatman.

"My mom has them," the woman replied.

"Why aren't they with you?" Chatman asked.

"Because I made wrong choices," she said.

But others weren't as vocal.

"Excuse me maam," Chatman asked one woman.

"No!" she shot back.

"What were you charged with?" Chatman asked.

The woman refused to answer.

"They may not want to admit that they know what they're here for," said Lawson.

"I know nothing," said one suspect as he was being arrested. "I do not know nothing."

Many of the suspects were sleeping when KSP troopers arrived at their doorsteps. 

"We typically work at night and show up in the middle of the evening," Lawson said. "But to show up at somebody's doorstep at about six o'clock in the morning is quite a shock to everybody."

Once they're brought in, they're processed into the system. That includes interviews, photographs, fingerprints and palm prints -- a fairly new practice for the department.

"And then from here they'll be transported to respective jails," Lawson said.

KSP arrested 17 people Wednesday and seized heroin, meth, drug paraphernalia and seven firearms. It's a good opportunity for KSP to set an example.

"These types of offenses are not going to go unnoticed," Lawson said. "And although it might have been a nine-month investigation to bring us to this point, they will be brought in. It doesn't matter the time or how long it takes. It's going to happen."

KSP was unable to round up all 31 suspects on Wednesday, but the department is confident they'll have everyone by the end of the week.

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