LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Every year dozens of people die on Kentucky roadways because of drunk or drugged driving.

That's why the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" Campaign is crucial to local police. The campaigned kicked off Thursday morning at Fourth Street Live.

"We're kicking off the drive sober or get pulled over holiday safety campaign," said Bill Bell, Executive Director of Office of Highway Safety.

It came more than a month after the local political elections, but this campaign is just as important and could even save lives.

"There are typically an increase of drunk or drugged drivers on the roadways due to holiday parties and festivities. In Jefferson County in 2014, there were 1056 crashes involving alcohol and or drugs, resulting in 550 injuries and 17 fatalities," Bell explained.

The campaign gives people under the influence a lifesaving option.

"Brown-Forman is proud to provide $10,000 in safe rides home this holiday season," said Phil Lynch, Vice President and Director of Corporate Communications Brown-Forman.

Brown-Forman is partnering with several ride providers.

"The safe ride partners are CityScoop, Taxi 7, Yellow Cab and Uber," Lynch said.

The company hopes the donation will help people enjoy the yellow cab, not the blue one.

"The discounts are effective tomorrow through Jan. 3, which means both of the long holiday weekends will be covered so there's no excuse to drive impaired," said Lynch.

"Myself, MADD staff and MADD volunteers cherish the opportunity to thank a local hero," said Rosalind Donald, MADD Victim Services Specialist.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers presented Officer Dean Kisling with the Hero Award for his efforts to keep drunk and drugged drivers off the streets but everyone agrees, he needs help.

"Take the keys, make the phone call," said Priscilla McIntosh, President & CEO The Morton Center.

McIntosh said even if you are not the one under the influence you still have a responsibility.

"It is okay to be that one to say, 'Hey, why don't you let me drive you home, why don't you let me call a cab?'" McIntosh said. 

The campaign ends on Jan. 3.

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