CRESTWOOD, Ky. (WDRB) – Laura and Robin Schumacher practiced shooting at Open Range in Crestwood, Ky. Thursday night.  

CEO Barry Laws explained that they are just some of the many people signing up for concealed carry classes at his facility. He added the number of people taking the classes is higher than normal.

Laura has been pushing her husband Robin to renew his concealed carry permit after it expired years ago and now she also wants to get her own gun.

“I would feel comfortable knowing that I'm safe with a handgun and if I needed to use it for personal defense in my home that I could do that with confidence,” Laura told WDRB News.

“Police do a fantastic job, they do, but maybe they're not going to get to you in time and your defense is going to rest with you,” Robin said.

Laws said the sales at his facility paint a picture of people wanting to feel safe wherever they go. He says pistol sales are on the rise and his concealed carry classes, which are offered four times a month, are selling out.

“Which speaks to me that they're more interested in protecting themselves out in the world,” Laws said.

In the last year, Open Range has seen a 17 percent increase in people taking concealed carry classes.

“You get a real respect for the liability of owning and handling a firearm and you learn that everything that comes out of your gun is your responsibility,” Laws said.

In the last three years instructor J.T. Jackson has taught 700 people to get their concealed carry permit.

“Once you pass this class, it doesn't mean you're a good shot. This is like getting your driver's permit,” Jackson said.

He added it's necessary for people to continually perfect their shot, which is exactly what the Schumacher’s were working on.

“Criminals love nothing more than people who can't protect themselves, and when they know that you can, they'll go somewhere else,” Robin said.

To keep a concealed carry permit active, it must be renewed every five years.

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