LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Lena Lions got emotional as she watched strangers file into the Ratterman Funeral Home for a man to whom so much is owed, but about whom so little is known.  

His name was Warren Smith McDonough.

Last Saturday, his 91 years of life ended with no family at his side. His only known relatives were a niece and nephew who live in Florida. 

We know that because they're they only family mentioned in the obituary that McDonough himself wrote. But he didn't mention the fact that he was a WWII veteran and was wounded storming the beaches at Normandy.   

"He said he pretended to be dead until they all went away," Lions said. "He said, 'and then I inched slowly across other bodies and I went across this one guy and his lips was moving and I got up close to him and he was saying the Lord's Prayer, and I stayed with him and I prayed with him until he died."

Lions is among the handful of people McDonough knew who put out a call for people to show up Thursday night at his viewing. Outside the funeral home, members of the Indiana Patriot Guard stood to honor McDonough.

"To let him know that he will never be alone and that he'll always be honored," Randy Southern said."

"You have no idea what this means," Lena Lions said. "He was an incredible man and he needed to be honored." 

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