LOUISVILLE, Ky, (WDRB) -- The force has awoken and with it have come floods of people to the theater.

Inside fully operational theaters across the city, hundreds waited with a new hope that this movie wouldn't be a trap.

"The whole universe, I played the games, read the books, watch all the movies," one fan said.

"This past weekend we watched all six episodes, I had to do my homework a little bit," another said. 

Some started from Episode I at 3 a.m. Thursday morning at Tinseltown -- hoping to pass time at light speed.  Stars wars fans have waited since 2005 for the Jedi to return.

"It's iconic, I grew up with these, so it is like my childhood," a fan said. 

Now it's here and this movie? Well, let's just say it better have it where it counts.

"It's been building up for 40 years," another fan explained. "So I just hope it lives up to all those expectations."

Three hours before the doors opened, some people were trying to catch up on old episodes. 

"I know everything about Star Wars, I've just never watched them," one person in line said.  

Thursday night, there were no scruffy-looking nerf herders in the theater -- just fans ready to see their favorite film series back on the big screen.

"Just the way that it brings people together, we can disagree on absolutely everything about the universe, but we can still enjoy the movies together."

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