LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville man could face the death penalty after he was found guilty of two counts of murder Friday. 

"Curtis Smith and Deshone Henry were sons, fathers, cousins -- their lives mattered," prosecutor Frank Dahl said. 

It was December 2011 when police say Brian Edmonds shot and killed two cousins 22-year-old Curtis Smith and 37-year-old Deshone Henry.

Tyreeka Richards lost her uncle and cousin.

"He was my favorite uncle. Yeah he was. He came around he made me smile," Richards said. 

Hazel Smith her son and nephew.

"I'm just happy that its over," Smith said. "Four years that we've been going through this."

Henry and Smith  were found shot to death outside a car in the Park DuValle neighborhood. A weapon was never recovered. 

Brian Edmonds was 18 when he was arrested for the crimes. 

"He's a liar," Dahl said. "He's a manipulator and Brian Edmonds is a cold blooded killer."

Jurors listened to witnesses all week. Prosecutors said Edmonds confessed during a phone call and that his DNA and cell phone was at the murder scene.

But Defense Attorneys argued he didn't pull the trigger -- claiming the ballistics, 911 calls and other evidence didn't add up. 

After the verdict was read, Edmonds turned to the family of the victims and said, "You're welcome but you still can't bring them back."

Edmonds' sentencing is scheduled to begin Monday morning and he could face capital punishment.

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