LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A single mother's home was burglarized twice in the past year. The thieves stole her children's favorite things.
Even though LMPD caught the suspects responsible for one of the burglaries, that wasn't enough for the detectives assigned to her case.

There are certain stories that just stick with you and for LMPD Detective Kevin Peak -- this was one of them.

"Whoever broke in stole all of their electronics," he explained. "They don't have anything -- TV, game system -- so we're just trying to give back."

Peak and other members of LMPD's Fourth Division took money out of their own paychecks to replace what was taken.

"It was unfortunate this happened to her twice," Peak said. "And she doesn't have the money to replace the items that were stolen." 

So LMPD officers made a special delivery to Amy Yates while she was at work. They wanted her to be able to take them home and wrap them up for her children. 

She says her house was first hit the day after her daughter's 11th birthday. 

"An Xbox 360, a Wii, a tablet -- that was the first break-in -- and actually four months later, the same thing happened the exact same way," Yates said. "They busted out the back window." 

Police caught those responsible for the first burglary, but not the second. Amy has since made changes. 

"I have spent the money and invested in bars on the window and cameras in my house," Yates said.  

The officers went above and beyond to put the pieces back together for a mom and her children.

"We work hundreds of burglary cases every year and to be able to give back to someone in the holiday season, it's obviously a great feeling for all of us," Det. Peak said. 

"This is a huge relief, this is amazing and I'm so thankful," Yates said.  

In total, LMPD's Fourth division gave the Yates family a new TV, a gaming system and a gift card for other Christmas presents.  

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