LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A lawsuit against "Breaking Cardinal Rules" author Katina Powell may never see the light of day.

Two months after about a dozen U of L students sued Katina Powell claiming her tell-all book "Breaking Cardinal Rules" damaged the university's reputation and their futures, Powell's lawyer fired back Tuesday.

Attorney Larry Wilder filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. 

"I believe it's impossible to determine if their education's been devalued cause none of those individuals have been denied jobs none of those individuals have graduated from U of L," Powell's Attorney Larry Wilder said. "If Ms. Powell's truth in conduct devalued their degree then they need to add everybody -- coaches who have had conduct proven unsavory, administrators who engaged in conduct where there's been money stolen."

Wilder's motion also took aim at the dancers who joined the lawsuit. They're suing Powell and her publisher for defamation of character.

In the book, Powell claims she provided women for sexual services to basketball players and recruits. But several women pictured in the book say they never had sex with the players -- they were only paid to strip.

"We didn't defame them. My client never mentioned them by their last name," Wilder said. "The entertainers busted themselves out ...They confirmed they danced nude at the university in the basketball dorm. They confirmed they received tips and money at the university in the basketball dorm."

Wilder says the lawsuit is bogus.

"I graduated from U of L, I have a law degree from U of L. Everyday I go to work, every day's a good day, everyday I make money. My value from my degree is immense."

The next step is to convince the judge. Wilder is waiting to see if a judge grants a hearing on his motion.

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