LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- They carry a gun and badge -- but no police power.

At least one former and perhaps a current Kentucky Department of Corrections officer are under investigation. 

It is part of an ongoing investigation by the Department of Codes and Regulations.

It involves local nightclubs and bars hiring Kentucky Department of Corrections officers to work security.

The problem: they're allegedly presenting themselves as officers of the law.

Sources tell WDRB News the investigation started in May of this year - after a tip about a Kentucky Department of Corrections Officer impersonating a police officer at the Wild Horse Saloon on 7th Street.

"Anytime anyone impersonates a police officers anywhere...um, it causes me great concern," said Metro Councilman David James.

Detectives eventually arrested Duane Robinson and charged him with impersonating a police officer. It was later amended to attempting to impersonate a police officer. The Department of Codes and Regulations is investigating but not talking on camera.

Councilman James said, "I think it can be very deceiving to the average citizen. At a glance, they might think that it is a metro police officer when in fact it is not."

Councilman James is also a former police officer and explains why it is a problem for DOC employees to present themselves as officers of the law.

"State corrections officers that work inside the facilities only have powers while they're inside the facilities."

WDRB News has learned that Robinson was terminated by the department of corrections several years ago, but this past weekend, detectives got another tip that he was at it again at a south 3rd Street bar.

Councilman James said, "My belief is that they had hired some security guards to watch after the place."

Inside Baristi on South 3rd, there was no sign of Robinson, however, detectives did find another DOC employee. Joshua O'Neal had a state DOC ID, and gun and badge on his waist.

"There's been some issues that have taken place there," said James.

James also said because of those recent problems, the business was told to hire professional help.

"I recently met with them and advised that they should hire a police officer as opposed to anybody else."

Right now, this is an open and ongoing investigation and detectives don't know if and when there will be more arrests.

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