LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) –- She chose to serve her country in the Army and now she needs help from the public. Private Samantha Brown decided to follow in her father's footsteps and join the Army. She was able to come home for the holidays with only two weeks left of basic training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

“And I was so excited to come home too,” Brown told WDRB News.

That was until she lost something very important.

“The hard part about it is it's camouflage, the digital camo,” Brown said.

Brown made a list of gifts she wanted to buy for her family when she was at Fort Jackson. So when she was home on Christmas Eve, she left to go shopping, but realized she accidentally left her wallet on the top of the car.

“We didn't even get to go inside. We go back in the car to go back home and we searched for three hours up and down the road,” Brown said.

Inside the camouflage wallet she had important paperwork to get back on base, her identification cards, debit card and close to $700 in cash. And without her wallet, she wasn't able to buy gifts for her family.

“It was hard because I love being able to give stuff to people you know,” Brown said.

But more importantly, she says without her ID cards, she can't get on the plane to South Carolina and can't get back on base.

“The paperwork that my drill sergeants have signed and the number that I have to call to contact before I get back to basic... I don't know that number. It's in my wallet, all my important papers like that are in my wallet,” Brown said.

Brown's aunt, Barbara McGrath, has also been busy searching along Frenchrone and Moorman Road in Southwest Louisville. She's even taken the search online.

“Best bet was to put it out there on Facebook and you know that's the best social media out there to actually get the information out there to people to see if they can give us assistance in trying to find it,” McGrath said.

Brown needs the wallet before she heads back to base January 3rd. She said she'll even offer a reward.

“I mean I don't even care about the cash as much anymore, I just need my identity cards and all my information and paper work and stuff that's in there,” Brown said.

Brown's family is planning to search again on Sunday after church. Anyone who wants to help can meet at 11307 Frenchrone Drive in Louisville.

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