OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) - High-end hotels, fancy restaurants, distilleries and wineries could come to Oldham County all because of the alcohol vote that passed.

Buying packaged liquor throughout the county still could take some time while rules and regulations are worked out by county officials.

Oldham County's quaint, small-town appeal is what draws people in.  

"We're in downtown La Grange, it's just [as] picturesque Americana as you can get," said David Bizianes, executive director of Oldham Chamber and Economic Development.

With expanded alcohol sales, tourism is expected to grow.  

"Now that the wet vote has passed, we expect to move forward along with inquiries we've received for a long time -- high-end hotels, things of that nature -- moving into Oldham County, but the law made it difficult to do," said Bizianes.

Bizianes cannot go into detail of potential business deals, but says hotels, restaurants, wineries and distilleries are all eyeing Oldham County and have been for some time.

"When people want to go on a vacation and tour the bourbon industry, we feel that we can be a player in that," he said.

In a special election Tuesday, a little more than 9,000 people voted. Sixty-two percent voted to allow liquor sales throughout the county. Before, packaged liquor was only sold in La Grange.

Bizianes says a big-city feel is not the goal.

"We know all of our elected leaders, that is a priority is to watch our quality of life as we work to enhance all that we have to offer," Bizianes said.

He says capitalizing on the the county's charm with expanded alcohol sales will bring in millions of dollars over the next few years. It fits with Oldham County and the type of lifestyle that we have here. we have highly educated workforce, we have a great school system. We have a wonderful quality of life," said Bizianes.

For residents wondering when they will be able to buy packaged liquor in the county, it will still be some time. Oldham County Judge Executive David Voegele says fiscal court and county officials will have to come up with a proposed ordinance, which should happen in 60-90 days. It will propose rules for things like hours of operation and locations for sales.

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