NELSON COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- Authorities in Nelson County are trying to track down a wanted man who they say should be considered armed and dangerous. 

The sheriff's office says 57-year-old Stephen Halsey has been spotted in the woods along Patton Road near Ice Town Road. 

Buster Ballard has lived on Patton Road for more than 20 years. 

"It's a good area to be in," he said. "Good neighbors, everybody gets along fine." 

But deputies are now searching the rural area for Halsey. He's accused of skipping out on parole supervision. Authorities say he got out of prison on Dec. 1. 

"He shouldn't be out on the street," said Nelson Co. Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Ramon Pineiroa. 

Officials say Halsey has a long criminal history that includes burglary, assault, arson and rape. He's also a registered sex offender. 

We're told he knows this area well and is likely hiding out in the woods. Pineiroa says some of the residents are scared. 

Halsey is suspected in a recently burglary and a theft that happened in the area, according to Sheriff Ed Mattingly. He says in those cases, food was stolen. 

Neighbors have also called in sightings. Ballard says he may have spotted Halsey, who he knows, a few days ago. 

"Had a big coat on. Whoever it was was walking back here in the field," Ballard explained. 

Officials say they got another tip about Halsey walking through the woods Wednesday. 

Until he's back behind bars, Ballard says he's taking a few precautions. 

"I keep my trucks locked and my doors locked," Ballard told WDRB News. 

With weather on their side, the sheriff's office doesn't expect him to be walking free for much longer. 

"The temperature's starting to drop so that's an advantage on us. He's going to be out in buildings or sheds or anything that can cut the wind down so we're looking to apprehend him in the next couple days or hours," Pineiroa said. 

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