LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Metro Police Department's SWAT and Bomb Squad raided a south Louisville home during a theft investigation Wednesday afternoon.

The homeowner is a suspect in a recent burglary. He was already in custody, but police suspected the home was booby trapped -- and that's why they brought so much backup.

It was a chaotic scene on Arnoldtown Road on Wednesday.

"Paul Turner is our main suspect," said Sgt. Steve Watts, with LMPD's 3rd Division.

Turner was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property, but even after he was in custody, police were concerned about his home.

"Every time that we get called out, there's always a violent element to it, and it is a very violent element, and that's why we are here," said Lt. Brent Routzahn, with LMPD's SWAT and Bomb Unit.

Police say Turner has a violent history and suspected the home could have dangerous traps. In fact, you may remember, Turner was arrested last year for using his Bullitt County tattoo shop to sell drugs and weapons.

Lt. Routzahn said, "There was never really a danger to the public because we negated all of that, the only people that were ever in danger would have been us."

Police said Turner's latest arrest involves several expensive items stolen from an estate on Mitchell Lane in south Louisville. That includes a truck, a tractor and even heavy gates. That's why police suspect he had help.

"The gates were probably 300 or 400 pounds each, and there were two of 'em," said Sgt. Watts. "There's no way this individual could have lifted those gates on his own."

After the break-in, police say the victims went to the "I am Dixie highway" page on Facebook to look for answers. It eventually led to Turner's arrest, but it is not some police would recommend.

"It could be that, even though they receive some of the information, the way in which they receive it is not admissible in court," Sgt. Watts said.

Police say once inside Turner's home, they found more than just some of the valuables.

"IDs, credit cards, social security cards," said Watts.

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