LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Business is good at Everything Concealed Carry in Jeffersontown.

But owner Joe Jarles calls President Obama's new executive order an "overreach of the administration."

"If the president today made some kind of executive action on the first amendment, I think there would be a very different feeling,” said Jarles.

Jarles says he doesn't want criminals to be able to buy guns but he doesn't want legal gun purchases to be restricted.

"Gun people, like I said, we're law abiding people. We do follow the law but for the president to take a constitution right and try to put his spin on it or his restrictions on it, I think it's a huge issue,” Jarles told WDRB.

President Obama's order means a background check will be required even for guns purchased from dealers whether bought online or at gun shows.

It's meant to close what some call "the gun show loophole."

"He makes people believe that you can go to a gun show and buy a gun without a background check. That's not true,” said Jarles.

But others respect the president for trying to modernize our country's gun buying process.

"They're good to have. We need them. It's a lot easier to get a gun in America than it ought to be,” said Blass Hollingsworth.

The administration is also proposing a new $500 million investment to increase access to mental health care, in an effort to keep guns from people who are not supposed to have them for mental health reasons.

"I think he definitely wants to do something good,” said Hollingsworth.

As for Jarles, he doesn't like the order but says it will actually be good for his business by leading to more sales.

You can read the full transcript of President Obama's executive action here.

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