LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Jefferson County Public Schools and several other private and parochial schools will be operating on a heightened alert following an unspecified threat that was made to the Louisville Metro Police Department's anonymous tip line on Wednesday.

WDRB education reporter Toni Konz has compiled a list of some questions we've received and provides some answers. During a press conference with reporters, Michael Raisor, the district's chief operations officer, provided some answers. 

QUESTION: Why are JCPS and many other Louisville schools operating on "heightened alert" on Friday?

ANSWER: LMPD received a nonspecific threat for Friday, Jan. 8, against unnamed schools – the report didn’t specify whether the schools were public or private.

Q: What did the threat state?

A: Due to the ongoing investigation, LMPD and JCPS is not identifying the actual threat itself. The threat is being investigated by local, state and federal authorities.

Q: When was JCPS notified about the threat and when and why was the decision made to place all schools on heightened alert?

A: JCPS was notified on Wednesday, the decision to place all schools on heightened alert was made Thursday morning. This was not done to worry parents, it was to make them aware, Raisor said.

Q: Will JCPS be doing any kind of security or bomb sweeps before school starts on Friday?

A: Not unless JCPS receives a credible threat at a specific school or if staff were to see something out of the ordinary on Friday morning.

Q: What about after school activities on Friday?

A: Sporting events and extra curricular activities will take place as normal.

Q: Has JCPS ever placed all of its schools on heightened alert at the same time?

A: There have been individual situations where certain schools are placed on heightened alert for a specific or unspecific threat, but school officials say they don't recall ever having to place all 155 schools under heightened security at one time.

Q: What does Level 3 security mean?

A: Exterior doors to the child’s school will be locked at all times, outside activities will be cancelled and hallway traffic will minimized and monitored. 

Q: If I decide to keep my child home from school on Friday, will it be an excused absence?

A: That decision will be left up to principals at individual schools.

Q: Did JCPS consider canceling classes on Friday?

A: Raisor said everything was on the table, but after consulting with LMPD, the decision was made that Level 3 security was the appropriate measure to take.

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