LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A doctor from southern Indiana pleads guilty to charges related to overprescribing painkillers, money laundering and fraud.

The plea agreement for Dr. Jaime Guerrero of Sellersburg, Ind., was filed in U.S. District Court in Louisville Thursday. 

Guerrero agreed to plead guilty to 31 charges. The plea agreement says that one of the counts involves allegations Guerrero overprescribed Hydrocodone "without a legitimate medical purpose and beyond the bounds of professional medial practice, which resulted in [a patient's] death" in 2011. The time period for all of the charges is 2009-2014.

A federal grand jury indicted Guerrero last year.

Guerrero practiced in Louisville and Jeffersonville, Ind. 

The plea agreement calls for Guerrero to pay $827,000 restitution to the federal government, the states of Indiana and Kentucky, and various insurance companies. He is to forfeit his medical license and an office building he owns in Jeffersonville, Ind.  

Federal prosecutors also agree to recommend a prison sentence of 100 months. The judge in the case will have final say on the sentence at a hearing in mid-April.

Last year, WDRB News spoke with one former patient of Guerrero. She said it wasn't surprising to see his name as part of an indictment.

"He gave me methadone and Percocet, both of them ten milligrams," said Christeena Bishop. "It was a total of 300 pills a month, 10 pills a day." 

Bishop says that soon after she began seeing Guerrero, she became addicted to the pain medication and eventually had an overdose. 

"It's both of us. He should have maybe used a better judgement call to not put me on such a strong medication and not so many," she said, "But it was my judgement call to once I got them home to how many I took."

Guerrero was accused of fraudulently billing various health care benefit programs after seeing patients for "three minutes or less". He then allegedly submitted claims for 15-30 minute counseling sessions, according to his indictment.

WDRB News could not reach Guerrero for comment.

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