LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Without any measurable snow so far this winter, officials at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet are breathing a sigh of relief.

They’re also pleased that they could be saving a little money in the future as a result.

“We prepare back in September, October for this,” said Tom Wright with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 5. “Get all of our stockpiles, calcium chloride full and brine made and stored.”

Each year Wright is in charge of keeping roadways clear of ice and snow and each year, it’s the same routine. This year, though, Wright has gotten lucky.

“Everything has been in place for several months not but fortunately we've had warm weather and haven't needed it,” Wright said.

For KYTC district 5, which includes Jefferson county, there are about 40,000  tons of salt on standby.

For every inch of snow that falls in Jefferson County, KYTC uses about 1000 tons of salt. Each ton of salt costs around $90.

“It's a double-edged sword. If you use it, that's good that you're going to have it to restock -- but if you don't use it,” Wright said. “You still get it.”

Any salt reserves are stored in Louisville's Mega Cavern, along with the entire state's reserve.

Across the entire commonwealth, KYTC spends several million dollars per year just on salt.

KYTC says once this winter is over, it will have to immediately begin planning for next winter and getting its sheds full again.

“We've really been lucky,” Wright added.

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