LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville Metro Police spokesman says two people were shot at a local business after an argument between employees became violent -- and a suspect is still on the loose.

Karen Lawson watched as SWAT officers swarmed Cardinal Kitchens, the kitchen counter top business just feet away from her home on Hiawatha Avenue, around 1:30 p.m. Monday.

"They were everywhere. They were all over the place," Lawson said. 

Louisville Police say it started as a fight between several employees Monday afternoon and it quickly escalated. One of them shot two others and then took off.

"Two have been injured," LMPD Sgt. Phil Russell said. "One was transported to university hospital. The other victim transported himself."

"Apparently there was some sort of altercation between several employees, resulting in at least one who ended up brandishing a weapon, fired at a couple of the employees," said Sgt. Russell. "We don’t believe it’s some sort of active shooter situation, as much it was some sort of altercation between employees."

Russell said the shooter has left the business and is still on the loose. He said police are in the process of following up on leads to determine his whereabouts.

The victim who drove himself to the hospital, officers say, is expected to survive. The other person has critical injuries.

A short time after the shooting, a man was surrounded by police at 25th and Broadway. Investigators say that man was not the suspect -- though other media outlets named him one on live TV. 

After police let him go, he declared his innocence to WDRB.

"I just want to say, man, that I'm innocent of whatever they were trying to accuse me of. Or whatever it is that you all know," he said. "Because they still ain't told me why I was being detained."

As employees and people living near Cardinal Kitchens wait to learn more about what happened and if police find their suspect some, like Lawson say they'll be cautious.

"Make sure my windows are locked," Lawson said."Make sure my garage is locked and all that stuff. Make sure everything is locked up."

Cardinal Kitchens was started in 1971 and produces custom kitchen counter tops, according to a Kentucky database. The business employs 95 people.

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