LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- The family of the man who is accused of shooting a Shively police officer Friday is claiming self-defense on his behalf.

Three days after a police officer was shot at a house on Eden Lane in Shively, the people who live there are fixing the door they say was busted down by police.

"She says they didn't knock. She says they just took a ram and busted the front door in and they grabbed her,” said the suspect’s brother, who didn’t want to be identified.

Nine Shively officers were at the house Friday to serve a warrant when gunfire erupted. Shively Det. Wes Singleton was shot four times in the legs. He's still recovering at University Hospital.

Police say the man who shot Singleton is 53-year-old Kenneth Probus.

Police say he fired first and police shot back. He's in serious condition and had surgery Monday.

"He's got a messed up, his leg is broken. They reset part of his intestines. He's got a tube in his lung for it's compromised,” said his brother.

His brother says he was shooting in self-defense.

"Then they just took the ram and busted his door in and he didn't know what happened so he just grabbed a gun and started shooting,” he told WDRB.

He says Kenneth was sleeping when police went in his room and he started shooting with the gun he keeps above his bed.

He says Kenneth has a gun collection and legally owns all of them.

“Yeah, they got receipts and everything and he's got a concealed permit."

Police fired, resulting in both Probus and Officer Singleton being taken to the hospital.

Police were there to serve a search warrant. As a result, Loretta Harris is facing charges for trafficking methamphetamine. Police say she had an outstanding warrant.

LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit is investigating the shooting. It’s believed some officers were in plain clothes and some were in uniform.

Shively FOP is accepting donations for Ofc. Singleton at the Louisville Metro Police Officers Credit Union.

900 W Market Street
Suite 100
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 584-7134

7201 Outer Loop
Suite 128
Louisville, KY 40228
(502) 231-2700

Checks can also be mailed to and addressed to:

Wes Singleton Benefit Account

At either:

1800 Park Road, Shively KY 40216


c/o LMPO Credit Union 900 W. Market Street
Louisville, KY 40202

They can also be dropped off at the Shively Police Station
1800 Park Road 
Shively, KY 40216

All donations will be deposited into the “Wes Singleton” account at the Louisville Metro Police Officers Credit Union.

Officer Singleton and his family greatly appreciate everyone’s prayers and support.    

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