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POV | We have to do better


We humans spend a good amount of time talking about our rights and much less about our obligations. We talk a lot about how someone offended us and not enough about whether they may have actually been right. We rage about how we were disrespected, as though respect should be given without having been earned.

We talk a lot about how teachers, police, and mall owners pick on our kids, but we talk very little about our responsibility as parents to teach them manners and how to behave in a civil society.  

When we fail at a job, it is never our fault. We were the wrong religion, or race, or sex, or age. We don’t learn from our failure – we blame someone else. We sue to gain something to which we were never entitled. Too often we choose to be a victim because it masks our own shortcomings and allows us to think we are saving face. 

We’ve got to do better. Not just for the sake of a better society but for the betterment of ourselves. Start small. Tell the truth, even when the truth has consequences. If you’re in school, get a diploma. Yes, it’s hard, but not as hard as living a life in poverty. If you’re fortunate enough to have money, give some of it away. 

It’s a new year and a new chance to be better. Let’s do it.

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.

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