LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thousands of gallons of alcohol were poured out at a local distillery Tuesday, which officials said was made illegally. 

It stems from an issue last year at Derby City Spirits, on Baxter Avenue.

The business was under construction and owners told us they would eventually be making products like moonshine, vodka, rum, and gin.

But in September, production at the business was stopped after ABC officials say alcohol was being made without a city or state ABC license.

ABC officials searched the building and found alcohol inside the distillery in stills and barrels -- which shouldn't have been made without the proper license. 

On Tuesday, both ABC and MSD officials were back at the distillery after being ordered by a court to destroy the illegal spirits.

There was about 2,000 gallons of alcohol that had to be diluted and destroyed -- then poured down the drain.

Harold Adams, with Metro Public Works, says “destruction was overseen by ABC, MSD and Fire Prevention” which required “dilution of the alcohol on a 10:1 water to alcohol ration and sewer disposal.”

Adams says at this time, there is no alcohol license for the business and no pending ABC application.

One of the owners, Harrison Hyden, was previously charged in this case with misdemeanor manufacturing, selling, storing, purchasing or transporting alcohol without a license

He pleaded guilty in December.

The attorney representing Hyden wouldn’t comment on this case, or the current status of the distillery.

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