LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two people were sent to the hospital after a shooting at Cardinal Kitchens Monday afternoon. 

Robert Daugherty says before the gunshots rang out, he got into a fight with another employee about work duties. 

"He charged after me right there in front of the other bosses," Daugherty said. "We was just arguing and then it escalated and then I would say we got physical for about 30 seconds." 

Daugherty, who was a supervisor, says after the altercation was broken up, he left to fill out paperwork about the incident. 

It was around 1:30 p.m. when police say they were called to the Hiawatha Avenue business. 

"On my way home, I hear that they're shooting, they're shooting," Daugherty explains. "I wasn't there for that." 

Police say two people were hit.

One is in critical condition and the other is stable. 

"Apparently there was some sort of altercation between several employees resulting in at least one who ended up brandishing a weapon, fired at a couple of employees," said LMPD Sgt. Phil Russell at the scene Monday. 

Investigators have released few details since then, 

Employee Jeremy Vincent tells WDRB News he was inside when the shooting happened. 

"I heard gunshots and I ran. That's about it," Vincent said. 

Daugherty didn't want to comment on whether he thinks his fight was related to the shooting or reveal the name of the other employee. 

He does say that he has lost his job and that he was fired through a text message Tuesday. 

"I feel like I was done wrong," Daugherty said. "A guy attacked me and I get fired for it, for defending myself." 

Cardinal Kitchens declined to comment for this story. 

Police have not named a suspect in the shooting. 

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