LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Accused of committing several crimes while nine months pregnant, police say Jamie Veazey and her boyfriend, Joseph Ducette, were arrested Thursday after a trip to the hospital for labor pains.  

The couple accused of selling thousands of dollars worth of stolen items at local pawn shops. 

Thursday afternoon, police say the pair ended up at Clark Memorial Hospital because they thought Veazey was going to have the baby. 

It ended up being a false alarm but someone recognized them and called police. 

"We were told she was going into labor," said LMPD Detective Rodney Underwood. "With the help of Jeffersonville PD, we were able to capture them over there and they agreed to come back and talk to us at the office." 

Police say the couple committed most of their crimes in the Fern Creek area. 

Veazey and Ducette are now facing multiple charges, including burglary and receiving stolen property. 

Ducette was also wanted for skipping out on parole. 

"They confessed to most everything we looked at," Underwood explained. 

Detectives say during the investigation, they were told both are heroin users. 

It's been a big concern since Veazey is nine months pregnant and due any day. 

"That was one of our things we had to deal with, we've got to think about that little baby more so than putting her in jail tonight," Underwood told WDRB News. 

So investigators say Veazey was cited and released. She was expected to head back to the hospital with her family. 

Ducette was booked into jail. 

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