LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- With all of the new development coming into the area, the secret is out and business owners want in.

The OLE Restaurant Group is back and at it again.

Its latest project, Mercato Italiano, is an Italian restaurant and market that should be open in just a few weeks.

“We built the brand new bar. All the shelves will be filled with Italian ingredients that people can purchase,” said Fernando Martinez, owner of Mercato Italiano. “We're training right now, the front of the house and the back so we are getting really close.”

The restaurant sits in the heart of Norton Commons, a ten year old development that could almost be mistaken for a small village.

“It contains residential units, commercial units, businesses shops, all a within tight-knit development,” said Marilyn Osborn Patterson, Norton Commons Marketing Director.

The owner of Chateau Bourbon couldn't get enough of the unique neighborhood.

She set up this bed and breakfast to add to the area's quaint feel.

“We love the neighborhood and we saw a need for a lodging experience,” said Missy Hillock, owner of Chateau Bourbon. “We are Bourbon-themed and we have great connections with the Bourbon industry.”

Covering 600 acres of land, there are more than 1,000 residences on the property. The planned development is nearly 40 percent complete so far.

“It was always meant to be a long-term project,” Patterson explained. “We look forward to completing the project hopefully within the next 10 years.”

The 92nd elementary school in Jefferson County Public Schools will be none other than Norton Commons Elementary, opening its doors to 400 students this fall.

“That will actually connect to our YMCA. The gym will connect those two facilities and it will be one of the only connections between a Y and a public school anywhere in the United States,” said Patterson. “Between the great businesses, the houses and gorgeous and then we've got all the parks and green space and community events, it's like no other place in Louisville.”

Norton Commons will host Homearama 2016 from July 16-31.

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