LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A mother and father were tied up and held at gunpoint, their children hiding and screaming as four robbers ransacked their Radcliff home.

And one of the victims says it all started with a haircut.

"You never think it will happen to you," she said. 

The Radcliff wife and mother asked us to hide her identity, still shaken after a violent home invasion. The house on Hill Street doubles as a business location. The victim says her husband is a dog breeder, barber and licensed gun salesman.

On Saturday, work backfired.

"We had just cooked dinner and a guy walked up," said the victim, who chooses to remain anonymous. "It was after hours and he asked my husband for a cut and my husband was like, 'okay.'"

"He cut his hair and the guy said he didn't have his money and his friends was gong to bring it," she said. "So they waited and waited."

"All of a sudden, three guys just bum-rushed in the house with their weapons pointed," she said.

She says the robbers came in wearing hoodies and masks knowing exactly what they wanted, taking the day's money from the barbershop and several guns from the home.

"We were terrified the whole time," she said. "But I was trying to stay calm. I just didn't want them to do anything stupid."

The parents were tied up in the bedroom, as their one-year-old cried and the four-year-old hiding.

The woman who spoke to us is a Kentucky Air National Guard member and says she didn't fight because she knew something the gunman didn't.

"I was on the phone with my friend...and she heard the whole thing," she said. "She's the one who called the police for us."

When police arrived, we're told the four suspects broke out a window and ran away. They're still running. Days later, there are still no arrests.

The robbers dropped some of the weapons in the escape. That's little comfort to neighbors.

"It bothers me that could happen to me there so I'm kind of looking to see what I can do to upgrade my security," said James Curtsinger, a neighbor.

"Do you know who these people were?" asked WDRB's Gilbert Corsey.

"No, I don't know them," the anonymous woman said. "My husband doesn't know anything either."

While she doesn't know the suspects, she says she's quite sure they're all young, black males between 18 and 25 -- and she wants them to know one thing.

"We forgive you," she said. "There are better things to do in life."

Detectives would not comment on the case today, saying it's still under investigation. Anyone with information should call Radcliff Police.

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