LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Kennedy Bridge closed early Tuesday for a six month repair.  The bridge closing creates a traffic change that will affect more than 20,000 drivers. 

Those who commute from southern Indiana to Louisville are expected to feel it the most.  People heading south on I-65 will no longer have access to I-64 East and I-71 North.  "There are several options but it's going to take some planning," said Ohio River Bridges Project Spokesperson Mindy Peterson. 

We decided to test out some of those options. 

To give some perspective, we drove from Jeffersonville over the Kennedy to the Zorn Avenue exit on I-71. It took less than six minutes. 

At one detour, officials are suggesting drivers try taking I-265 to I-64 East. Then you can access the Sherman-Minton Bridge. 

This route took us nearly 17 minutes without traffic to get to Zorn Avenue. It will also push more drivers to an already busy bridge. 

Option two is to stay on I-65 South and then take the Watterson Expressway heading east. 

It took us more than 21 minutes to get to Zorn and added some extra miles. 

For those who know the area well, using downtown Louisville streets may be worth a try. 

To test out option three, we decided to exit I-65 at Jefferson Street and access I-64 East at Second Street. 

It took us 12 minutes to get from Jeffersonville to the Zorn Ave. exit. 

But when deciding what's best for you, keep in mind we didn't hit any traffic. The morning rush will likely look very different. 

"Have in mind a few different things and know that it's probably going to be pretty hectic in the morning and hopefully after a few days it will start to shake out and people will find their way," Peterson told WDRB. 

You can also give the Second Street Bridge a try. 

Bottom line, officials say give yourself some extra time Tuesday morning. 

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