LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The next round of KYTC crews will hit the road around midnight and dozens more will monitor the storm from nearly every angle.

Kentucky road crews could be dealing with a mess by the end of the week – slick, snow covered roads starting with a storm Wednesday morning.

At the Transportation Operations Center in Frankfort, KYTC crews can monitor more than 150 statewide cameras on 32 screens.

It's almost like a war room, manned 24-hours a day with people verifying road conditions, accidents, and updating info for drivers who use 511.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet did not pre-treat many areas Tuesday around Louisville because it was too cold. The water in the salt solution would just freeze.

"We don't brine usually below 26 degrees and it's stayed in the teens today," said KYTC District 5 spokeswoman Andrea Clifford.

KYTC District 5 covers eight counties surrounding Louisville. Clifford says they have 158 plows with 56 of those concentrated in Jefferson County.

Drivers will work in 16 hours shifts with the first coming in at midnight. Most will be used because of the timing of this storm.

"When you have a lot of traffic on the road - if you only have a portion of your trucks - they're bogged down in the regular morning traffic as well and it takes them longer to reach their routes," said Clifford.

Road crews always start with priority routes – the highways and interstates that are the busiest.

I-65, I-71, the Watterson and Gene Snyder are all hit first followed by roads that are not as heavily traveled.

KYTC says crews in District 5 will use about 1,000 tons of salt for every inch of snow.

Each county also has a maintenance facility where they track drivers, salt supplies, and answer phones from law enforcement who may call for a salt truck near an accident scene.

And because it will likely be snowing during the morning commute, don't be surprised if traffic is slow.

"It's gonna take some time effort and it may take multiple passes to get the road clear," said Clifford.

You can always say up to date with the latest state road conditions by calling 511 or visiting the KYTC Traveler Information Page.

As for the Indiana Department of Transportation, it has more than 60 snow routes in Southern Indiana.

There are also 150 plows on standby across the Seymour district ready to hit the roads when it starts snowing.

Like KYTC, INDOT crews have not pre-treated the roadways because it's too cold and whatever melts would just freeze.

Indiana will also have its drivers coming in at midnight.

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