LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- The officer who was shot during an investigation in Shively on Jan. 8 is recovering in rehab and the suspect has been charged with attempted murder.

Police say they were there to serve a search warrant.

It's unclear why, but what happened after the officers went in the house sent two people to the hospital with gunshot wounds -- including Shively Det. Wes Singleton.

"Then the gun shots start going off,” said a man who lives at the house who didn’t want to be identified.

Police say Kenneth Probus, 53, shot the officer four times in the legs.

Ofc. Singleton is now recovering in rehab.

Officers shot back, injuring Probus, who is still recovering in the hospital.

Probus’s roommate tells us Probus thought someone was breaking into the house and that's why he started shooting.

"They're supposed to be police officers. They should be dressed like police officers. Not come in with a U of L hoodie on and bust in someone's door. They didn't holler at the door,” he told WDRB.

The roommate said Probus works night shift and was sleeping in his locked bedroom when officers went in.

He says Probus has certificates for all his guns.

He says he's a former fire fighter and a Marine Corps veteran who served in desert storm.

The man has never hollered one harsh word at anyone I've ever known,” he said.

There are bullet holes inside the home where gun fire was exchanged.

As a result, Probus is facing attempted murder charges and Loretta Harris is facing charges for trafficking methamphetamine. Police say she had an outstanding warrant but it's unclear if that's what police were originally there for.

Probus has hired an attorney and is exploring his legal options. Records show he's not a convicted felon.

“There's no illness in that man,” said his friend.

LMPD's Public Integrity Unit is investigating the shooting.

The Shively FOP is accepting donations for Ofc. Singleton at the Louisville Metro Police Officers Credit Union.

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