LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The search for a missing UPS pilot has ended, but his death remains a mystery. Police say they may never know how James "Mike" Kimsey died. 

Was it suicide -- or something else? A day after LMPD discovered the remains of James "Mike" Kimsey, detectives have no clear answer on how he died. The 48-year-old husband and father disappeared May 29.

"Part of the skeleton recovered in a neighbor's yard and that's what got the process started," said Lt. Todd Kessinger of the LMPD Homicide Unit. "The unfortunate part about the case is it took us so long to uncover the body -- and in that process, we lost quite a bit of evidentiary value."

Before this week, detectives had searched land and water in quarries and throughout his community, with no results.

We're told Kimsey's body was eventually found somewhere in a wooded area off the Village Green subdivision. It's only about two blocks away from his home. Police say Kimsey's remains were likely in the area the entire time, but were not found until Saturday when an animal left bones in a neighbor's yard.

"We can't give either side of the family any closure that we would have been able to give if we had been able to find the body any sooner," said Lt. Kessinger.

That's little comfort to JoAnn Kimsey, James Kimsey's mother. 

"I think he was murdered," JoAnn Kimsey said. "I really do. I think somebody has done something to him. I really do. He knew that something was wrong."

JoAnn Kimsey says her son expressed fear for his safety days before he went missing. 

"He called me two days before and said, 'Mother, something really bad is going to happen and I have been trying to figure out how to get...out of the house."

Kimsey served 10 years in the United States Air Force and worked for UPS for more than a decade, but he hadn't flown recently as he was recovering from hip surgeries.  

"We will do other testing and wait for labs to come back -- and maybe that gives us insight into what actually happened," Lt. Kessinger said.

Was it suicide or something else? For Kimsey's loved ones, the answer can't come soon enough.

"No matter what I'm not giving up till I find out," JoAnn Kimsey said.

Kimsey's parents have hired a private detective to help in the search for what happened to their son.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Mike Mangeot, a spokesman for UPS released a statement.

"This is a sad day for the Kimsey family and for UPS," Mangeot said. "We will keep Mike and his loved ones in our thoughts."

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