LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Whether it is a "slip and fall" or "slip and slide," snow-covered parking lots can be dangerous.

That's why several private crews are working around the clock to clean local parking lots before the next round of winter weather hits.

If you don't have a shovel or snow blower to do it yourself, you are probably going to have to hire one of those crews.

"We are in a service oriented business, so we're in operation regardless of what the weather is," said Clarence Benboe, Vice President of Rodgers Awkard & Lyons Funeral Home. "So, when there is a snow event, we have to take proper steps to keep our business in operations." 

The funeral home is serving several grieving families this week, so the snow has to go.

"We, you know, hire an outside company to take care of that for us," said Benboe.

That outside company is KLB Inc.

"We got nursing homes, high-rise apartments buildings and things of that nature," said Keith Booker, who Owns KLB INC.

Booker had crews across the city, cleaning parking lots and sidewalks and says on Wednesday, the workload was doubled.

"With it being Wednesday night, we got a lot of churches that we take care of so we got to get them next so they'll be ready in time for bible study."

With the potential for another round of winter weather coming later in the week, Booker is praying for a little divine intervention. If not, both Booker and Benboe have a strong plan B.

"Get everything ready for Friday and then we'll go out and pre-salt," said Booker.

"Hope for the best, plan for the worst," said Benboe.

If you are planning to shovel your own snow, Keith Booker said it is always best to pre-treat your driveway or sidewalk with salt.

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