CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WDRB) -- A 16-year-old is accused of shooting and killing a 14-year-old, according to the Clark County Sheriff. 

The 14-year-old was pronounced dead on scene in the Rolling Hills Subdivision by the Clark County Coroner Wednesday in Charlestown, Indiana. Officials said when they arrived in the Rolling Hills/Rocket Wood subdivision just after 11:30 a.m., they found the 14-year-old dead. 

In a press conference Wednesday evening, Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel said the 14-year-old was shot once with a handgun.

Noel couldn't say what led up to the shooting, but did say the teens knew each other.  

The 16-year-old is in police custody and officials said he or she has been charged with reckless homicide for pointing a loaded gun at the 14-year-old.

"It kind of maybe falls in the realm of it wasn't necessarily accidental but there was no intent to take a life - it's just that reckless act caused a life to be taken," Sheriff Noel said. 

According to the Clark County Sheriff's Department, the 19-year-old brother of the suspect was in the home at the time but was not in the same room at the time.

Sheriff Noel said the Clark County Prosecutor will decide if the 16-year-old will be charged as an adult.

New Chapel EMS responded along with the Clark County Sheriff's Department. 

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