LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville's interstates and main roads were in relatively good shape after Wednesday's snowfall, but many back roads and side streets in the city's neighborhoods were still snow-covered. 

Molly Braun lives in one of those neighborhoods and has been extra careful when driving. 

"The side roads were pretty slushy, snow covered and then the intersections can get a little slick. I'm just going slow and taking my time." Braun said. 

Neighborhood streets like Braun described are the exact reason JCPS canceled school Thursday, after officials found that 900 back and side roads were impassable for buses. The neighborhoods streets are not considered a plowing priority for metro Louisville. 

Instead, the priority on the eve of another winter storm is making sure the city's fleet of snow response vehicles are in full working order. 

"Anytime we've had a plow-able snow it makes it a little bit harder on us," said Claude Jeffries, Metro Louisville's Heavy Equipment Maintenance Supervisor. Jeffries and his team are responsible for keeping about 150 plows, brine and salt trucks on the street. Thursday turned out to be the calm between two storms. 

"We've probably seen 40 to 50 trucks today," Jeffries said. "Some odds and ends -- things as simple as wipers -- some more complex repairs like welds."

The city's nearly two dozen mechanics will rotate around the clock, covering all 24 hours during Friday's major snow event. 

"My job is to keep them on the street and we take it very seriously," Jeffries said. 

He says if one plow goes down, that's one less plow on the street clearing the roads. For Jeffries, it comes down the safety of the city. 

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