LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A well-known local attorney has sued his insurance companies, an insurance agent and the man he claims injured him in a car crash.

Attorney Darryl Isaacs was hit from behind by a driver while riding his bicycle on River Road last January.

Last week, Isaacs and his wife, Theresa Isaacs, filed a lawsuit against the alleged driver, Michael Baumann, three insurance companies and insurance agent Susie Siegel.

The suit claims Darryl Isaacs was riding his bicycle last Jan. 19 when he was struck by a vehicle driven by Baumann while waiting to turn from River Road onto Indian Hills Trail. Baumann "negligently and carelessly failed to observe" Isaacs, who was stopped in the road, according to the lawsuit filed in Jefferson Circuit Court.

As a result of the crash, Isaacs sustained "numerous serious and permanent physical injuries," according to the lawsuit. The suit says Isaacs, "incurred and will continue to incur in the future necessary expenses for hospital, medical and rehabilitative care, has lost income and has sustained permanent injuries and permanent impairment of his power to labor and earn money."

Among other things, the lawsuit is seeking that the insurance companies pay Isaacs and his wife $4.5 million, plus interest.

Isaacs is known to television audiences as "The Hammer" or "The Heavy Hitter" and has appeared in advertisements on WDRB. He has represented thousands of people who have been injured in accidents. 

WDRB News spoke with Isaacs in Feb. 2015, after the accident.

"I remember being hit," Isaacs said at that time. "You know, I knew right away that I was hurt pretty bad."

The accident left Isaacs with a broken neck and some serious head injuries.

"The common theme is that I am lucky to be alive and I'm lucky that I can use my extremities and that I am walking and that I did not have brain damage," he said.

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