FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- Officials from state agencies will continue to monitor conditions in Kentucky throughout the night in the aftermath of a winter storm. 

Kentucky Emergency Management Director Michael Dossett says Friday morning he requested all service cabinets have a representative in the Emergency Operations Room in Frankfort. That includes agencies like transportation and state police. 

Almost every county in the state saw snow Friday, ranging from a few inches to a foot and a half. 

Governor Matt Bevin issued a state of emergency to give local governments the tools they need to respond and keep people safe. 

"The state of emergency allows counties, if they require additional resources, to push that resource up to the state and if we have the ability to handle it with state cabinets we can action that resource," Dossett said. 

Officials say the biggest problem of the day was trying to keep the interstates clear, especially I-75 and I-65. 

We're told more than 80 members of the national guard were activated, many of them sent east to help move vehicles off the road. 

"The bottomline is, it has impacted literally every U,S. interstate thoroughfare that we have in the Commonwealth. Some are slippery, there are literally none that are impassable once we clear wrecks, the easiest way to avoid a collision and a clogged interstate is don't drive on the interstate," Dossett explained. 

Officials are asking drivers to stay off the interstates so crews are able to clear the roads. 

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