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The recent narcotics raid by the Shively Police Department has many unanswered questions. One is whether the $100,000+ cost to the taxpayers is worth it over $200 in drugs. An even bigger question is, how much longer are we going to support the massive failure of the war on drugs?

The US drug czar, Michael Botticelli, recently said on national television that the war is a complete failure.  We've wasted over a trillion dollars. We have record numbers of prisoners and widespread drug testing, and yet we have record numbers of overdose deaths.  

There's only one explanation:  The government's programs are not only ineffective, but are amazingly counterproductive because the entire war is unconstitutional. The biggest failure of all is widespread drug testing in the U.S., which has biased the country towards more dangerous drugs and caused a boom in fatal overdose deaths. 

What's the answer?  A good start would be following other states that have successfully reformed their unjust cannabis laws. The Cannabis Freedom Act, Senate Bill 13, introduced by Kentucky State Senator Perry Clark, would legalize possession of cannabis for adults, make a medical exception for children and set guidelines to establish a retail market. 

States that have relaxed their cannabis laws have seen significant reductions in overdose fatalities. Unfortunately, good old American capitalism, primarily through drug testing, is preventing the public from making a safer choice. 

Re-legalize cannabis. More importantly, stop drug testing for it and overdose fatalities will drop drastically. 

I'm Tom Rector and that's my point of view -- it's the truth and it's backed up by the facts. 

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