LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Was the shooting of a southern Indiana couple a violent act of love?

WDRB News has uncovered shocking court documents that may reveal it was for love. We have also learned the main suspect in the case is now facing more serious charges.

Wednesday afternoon, the Harrison County prosecutor upgraded the charges against Travis Fentress. It comes a little more than 10 days after one of the victims died. He is now charged with murder and attempted murder.

It was a violent home invasion that left southern Indiana newlyweds for dead.

"It is alleged that Travis Fentress entered the home of Ralph Thomas and Rebecca Rowley, whereby he walked into their bedroom and started shooting," said Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk.

A bullet hit Rebecca Rowley in the face and shoulder, but she survived; Ralph Thomas died a few days later after being shot in the head. And prosecutors say the suspect was not by himself.

Schalk said, "There were two other individuals with Mr. Fentress, one being Fentress' girlfriend, Terra Snawder - also known as Terra Vanwinkle, as well as Kyle Day.

He said he believes the motive involved drugs.

"Mrs. Rowley had told police, once she had recovered, that she believed one of the possible motivations may have been that Mr. Fentress was under the belief that they had sold him some drugs that may have been tampered with or poisoned," Schalk explained. 

And there's more, according to a probable cause affidavit, Kyle Day told police that after the shooting, Fentress said to his girlfriend, "Don't ever say I don't love you again. I just shot two people in the face for you."

"I think Mr. Day's comments speak volumes to the case and to the evidence, unfortunately, I cannot comment directly on that," Schalk said. 

After the shooting, suspects were on the run.

"There was a large manhunt conducted by the Harrison County Sheriff's Department and they received assistance from other outside agencies including the United States Marshals' task force service," said Schalk.

After about a day on the run, all three suspects were eventually arrested in Madison, Indiana.

Right now, Travis Fentress is being held without bond at the Harrison county detention center. His trial is expected to start in May.

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