LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Kentucky man has the chance to be the next and final American Idol.

Elvie Shane, 27, will tell you music has always been a large part of his life.

The Grayson County native remembers singing from the moment he could talk.

"I was raised in a Christian family and my mom had me and she says I was born on a Sunday and the next Sunday I was in church. That's where I started singing," said Elvie Shane.

He has now taken his passion to national TV, appearing on the show "American Idol."

It's the 2nd time he's auditioned. The first was in 2008.

"I did the 'cattle call,' if you will. I went out and sat in the line with thousands of people. Actually that day I sang a Keith Urban song and didn't make it past the first audition," Elvie said.

Fast forward to this year, and Elvie performed in front of a different group of judges, hoping for another chance at a major opportunity. It was his performance of 'House of the Rising Sun' that blew the judges away during auditions.

"I like to take old songs that I love and kinda change them up and give them my own twist and I started playing that and 'Amazing Grace,' just that last part of 'Amazing Grace,' going from that into that song was just my life. It wasn't even a song anymore. It was just my story."

Elvie's story is one he's not afraid to share with others. After high school, he went to Western Kentucky University. After two years he was burned out and turned to drugs.

"I wouldn't say that I was at the very lowest point that I had been, but I was just past the lowest point," Elvie said.

In 2011, he met the person who would change his life: the woman he would later marry. She helped him give up drugs and Elvie's life changed as he became a stepdad.

"I did it for my wife and for my son and I did it for my family, but I would have never done it for anyone else if I hadn't been ready to do it for myself too," Elvie said.

The Kentucky man is now ready for a new opportunity, and it's all playing out on TV.

Elvie has already advanced to the group rounds in Hollywood.

"One word for Hollywood is 'boot camp.' It is crazy," Elvie said.

Whether or not he becomes the next American Idol, Elvie says he's just thankful to be doing what he loves, now pursuing a career as a songwriter and performer.

He's hoping to show others that your past does not define you.

"I think that's the common problem with people in that situation is they just feel like they don't deserve anything good, and you do. Everybody deserves something good in their life," Elvie said.

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