LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - For Leontynae Wade's family, the pain of her death is still raw. 

"I wake up crying, I go to sleep crying," her father, Brian Tucker said. 

The mom of four, known as Nae Nae, was shot near the corner of West Whitney and Peachtree Avenues in Louisville last week. 

Police now say 34-year-old Corey Chapman pulled the trigger. 

Wade's family tells us Chapman is the father of two of her kids and that the young boys, two and eight years old, were there when the murder happened. 

Tucker told WDRB News about a conversation with his grandson. 

"He said, 'Don't worry about nothing because I want to kill my daddy.' Eight years old, he said, 'My daddy shot my mamma down.'"

Investigators say they interviewed the boy and other witnesses. 

"They got into an argument in the middle of Whitney Avenue where the shooting took place," said LMPD Homicide Unit Sgt. Emily McKinley. 

Court documents reveal Chapman has now been indicted for murder and other charges but officers are still trying to find him. 

"Now that he is indicted, it is in NCIC, a national crime database so if he was stopped anywhere that will pop up," McKinley explained. 

Tucker says his daughter was trying to get away from Chapman. 

"She didn't do nothing but work, looked out for her kids, do what she can do," he said. 

He says she'll be missed by a lot of people and suggests her accused killer turn himself into police. 

"You gun my baby down and you still running and hiding? Please don't let me catch you. That's all I can say," Tucker told WDRB News. 

Police are asking for tips to track Chapman down. The tip line number pf 574-LMPD. 

Wade's family members say they plan to hold a vigil Friday night at 6:45 at the scene of the crime. 

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