MAUCKPORT, Ind. (WDRB) -- Still no answers regarding the human remains found yesterday in rural Harrison County, Indiana.

Investigators have brought in a team of experts to help figure out what happened.

The remains were found Thursday morning by a state highway worker underneath a bridge on Highway 135 in southern Harrison Co.

Right now, the Harrison Co. Sheriff’s Dept. is calling this a death investigation, as a team of forensic anthropologists from the University of Indianapolis sifts through the remains looking for answers. Who is this person, and how and when did he or she die?

“That evidence could include a lot of things including soil, leaves, branches, along with the skeletal remains itself, any clothing that could be there,” said Lt. Nick Smith, the department’s public information officer.

The team is also looking for DNA and dental clues.

They've already determined that the remains are not ancient.

“There are some shoes and small articles of clothing, but there is a lot of deterioration. Obviously, the body has decomposed to the point that this is skeletal remains. There's a lot more that they may find underneath and within,” said Smith.

One man who lives nearby would not go on camera, but told WDRB he is not concerned about a possible killer on the loose.

The Harrison County sheriff says, right now, there is no reason for the public to worry.

 “Quite possibly this could be somebody that just had a heart attack and died. We just don't know at this point. We haven't been experiencing a lot of trouble in that part of the county,” said Sheriff Rod Seelye.

Investigators say there is one area missing persons case still open from 2014.

“That person's yet to be found. We are not speculating whether that is this person or not. In missing persons cases, when recoveries are made, they could be from different states,” said Smith.

Investigators say no matter the circumstances, this discovery will bring closure to someone's family.

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