LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A letter sent from the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services Thursday orders Louisville's Planned Parenthood facility to cease performing abortions, effective immediately.

The letter says the license application for new facility at 842 South 7th Street is deficient for multiple reasons.

"By this letter, we are informing you that our initial review of the application indicates that it is deficient for multiple reasons," the letter states.

Among other things, the letter criticizes the facility for not having proper written agreements with an acute care hospital and local ambulance service for treatment and transportation of the patient in the event there is a complication with an abortion.

"The agreement with the acute care hospital must be with a hospital capable of treating a patient with unforeseen complications relating to the abortion procedure and the hospital must agree to accept and treat the patient," the letter states.

The letter references a document included with Planned Parenthood's license application, titled, "Transfer Agreement between Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health and Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, Ind.," but states that this document, "does not identify the acute care hospital, does not reference the Planned Parenthood location at 842 South 7th Street, and does not obligate the hospital to treat the patient as contemplated under KRS 216B.0435."

The letter points out that Planned Parenthood's document was signed on Jan. 16, 2014 -- nearly two years before the Nov. 18, 2015 license application -- and that, "the purported hospital has not agreed to unconditional acceptance of patients with unforeseen complications from the abortion procedure," instead, making acceptance of the patient, "conditioned on bed availability, staff availability and service availability."

"The conditional terms nullify the purpose of the agreement in contravention of KRS 216B.0435," the letter states.

The letter also argues that the new Planned Parenthood facility does not have a proper agreement with a local ambulance service. The Cabinet states that any such agreement, "must obligate the service to accept a patient with unforeseen complications related to the abortion procedure and to transport the patient to the acute care hospital identified in the transfer agreement referenced above."

Instead, the Cabinet says that the agreement provided by Planned Parenthood is "deficient," because it "does not obligate the ambulance provider to respond to a request to transport a patient with 'unforeseen complications related to an abortion facility procedure' to the acute care hospital identified on the transfer agreement."

"The absence of adequate written agreements with an acute care hospital and a local ambulance service prevent us from continuing our review of your application at this time," the letter states. "Therefore, this Office has determined that Planned Parenthood is not in compliance with standards for an abortion facility and is not authorized to provide abortion services...The facility at 842 South 7th Street is not permitted to perform the abortion procedure until a license is issued following an inspection of your facility and shall cease and desist any such activity."

The letter threatens to fine the abortion facility $1,000 for each day the facility continues to perform abortions.

The Cabinet promises to review Planned Parenthood's license application after they submit the agreements it says are deficient.

WDRB News has contacted representatives of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky and is waiting on their response.

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