LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say more victims have come forward in a roofing scam and the suspect is still on the run.

On Jan. 11, police shared a photo of the suspect with the media. A man was caught on home surveillance video after authorities say he forced himself into a 90-year-old woman’s Lyndon home.

Police say he first pretended to work for a roofing company before stealing from the victim.

“He's actually part of through further investigation, appears to be, a traveling gypsy group that's local here in Louisville that is kinda notorious for scamming over driveway jobs and roofing jobs,” said Detective J.J. Seamon with Louisville Metro Police.

In early January, police said the man was connected to at least 6-12 other incidents across the city of Louisville.

They believed he was working with a group of men, scamming the elderly out of money.

“They'll promise to do jobs and get paid and not complete the job or intentionally damage somebody's property in order to get them actually have to have a job done,” said Det. Seamon.

This week, they released the suspect's name and a better photo. Police identify him as 19-year-old Thomas Williamson.

There are multiple warrants out for his arrest, but it has been hard for police to track him down.

“We've tracked him to a couple different hotels in the area where he seems to be staying with family members and we haven't actually been able to catch up to him as of yet,” said Det. Seamon.

Authorities say there could potentially be a large group involved in this scam.

Williamson has been spotted in hotels with as many as 12 people.

"Usually it's a group, you'll see them come from the southern states, they'll come up here during the warmer weather, like South Carolina is one of the big states we get them from, but this group here is actually from the Louisville area and has ties to the Louisville-Bullitt County area and have kinda just floated around from place to place,” said Det. Seamon.

While more victims have come forward in this case, authorities are asking you to keep an eye out for Williamson.

“He was last observed driving the black Chevy Silverado pickup truck. He also has been in a white Dodge Ram truck, and a full-size red truck as well,” said Det. Seamon.

If you have any information on this suspect, call the police tipline at 574-LMPD.

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