ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) - Homeless veterans have a hard enough time finding a place to live, let alone paying for basic furnishings once they do.

That’s why the Louisville Chapter of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA KY 1-4) decided to put together transitional housing kits. 

Sunday afternoon, it was a full team effort in Elizabethtown as the bikers put those kits together.

They asked the VA how they could help homeless veterans.

"They said ‘whatever you can get together would be great, we've never had anybody be able to put together more than 4’. So that was our goal," chapter commander Brian Schroeder said. "We'd like to hit four."

Thanks to generous donors, the bikers tripled that number and collected enough supplies for 12 kits. That means 12 former homeless veterans will not have to furnish their new place on their own.

We’re not talking about your typical smaller hygiene kits either, although those items were included.

In all, nearly 30 different household items worth several hundred dollars were put in the kits – everything from air mattresses and vacuum cleaners to laundry detergent, pillows, sheets and towels.

Everything you'd need for your very own place.

The group put the kits together in honor of their good friend, Mike Caves.

This past summer, the retired Army sergeant found out he had stage four lung cancer. While at the VA, people would bring him little kits like snacks and hygiene items.

When someone brought up the idea of transitional kits for homeless veterans, Caves quickly got on board.

After Mike passed away in December, his friends continued their mission in his name.

"The VA has a list of people they're putting into apartments, and what they do is they will take the names from that list, and then they'll go ahead and just basically dish out these kits to whoever needs them as they get put into apartments," Schroeder said.

Schroeder says they’ll continue Mike’s mission by serving those who’ve served their country, and they’ll shoot for 12 more kits next year.

"If we're really lucky, we can double it," Schroeder said.

The 12 kits and leftover donations will all be dropped off Wednesday at the VA in Shively.

Anyone wishing to donate to the CVMA KY 1-4 Chapter can contact Cliff Preetorius at cpreetorius125@comcast.net

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