LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Keith Kaiser stopped by the Kentucky Humane Society to learn how to keep pets safe during the cold winter months. Andrea Blair, KHS Director of Communications, showed us some simple ways to protect your pets when the temperature drops.

Some veterinarians recommend the following to keep your pets safe throughout the winter cold:

Don't leave your pets in the cold for too long.

Fur coats won't protect them from prolonged exposure.

Monitor your pets and bring them inside if they start to shiver or if you see redness in their tails or ears (which could be frostbite.)

Once inside, get the ice out from between their toes.

If you spread a de-icer on your driveway or sidewalks, find one that's pet-friendly.

Various toxins and even salt can cause problems for pets, who tend to lick the substances off their paws.

Don't leave your pet alone in a car while you go into the store.

It's a bad idea in the heat and it's a bad idea in the cold.

Pets sometimes spend more time in garages and basements in winter, so make sure to clear these spaces free of antifreeze and rat poison, both highly toxic.

And remember, cats love to crawl into anything warm, including a nice cozy car engine. If Fluffy spends the night in the garage, make sure to locate her before starting the car.

Winter can make it hard for pets to find their way back home because ice and snow mask familiar scents and paths. Keep pets on leashes so they don't get confused and lost. Be sure your dogs and cats are wearing identification tags. Make sure your pets have soft, warm bedding. Another idea is to get your dog a sweater or coat, especially if they are short-haired.

The Kentucky Humane Society wants you to have a fun and safe Valentine's with the following ideas:

Puppy/kitten grams: send your loved one a puppy or kitten to home or office for Valentine's.

$14 adoptions on select pets February 1st through the 15th

Need a romantic getaway? Kentucky Humane Society Pet Resorts have a special. Board your pet one or more nights and get one night free for Valentine's week February 10th through the 15th.

Valentine's pet safety includes keeping those special chocolate treats away from your pet.

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