LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A softball coach who admitted to sexually abusing at least 15 girls will spend 50 years in prison.

Federal officer Darin Odier, who was the lead investigator in the case involving former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle, told WDRB that Christopher Kosicki is "worse" than Fogle.

"I deserve to be in prison," were the words said by Kosicki to a judge on Monday.

The judge told Kosicki he wouldn't think twice about sending him to prison for life, but under a plea deal, 50 years was the maximum sentence he could receive.

Officials say Kosicki was a softball coach in the community and had girls spend the night and that he abused the girls and produced pictures of them.

There's another man involved in the case.

Howard Key Chambers, a minister in Oldham County, is facing trial next month on charges related to the sexual exploitation of children.

Officials say Chambers would seek out sex through Craigslist and Kosicki responded to an ad posted by Chambers.

Authorities say Chambers went to Kosicki's home expecting to meet Kosicki's wife for sex, but officials say Kosicki offered a 10-year-old child at the home.

According to prosecutors, Chambers engaged in sexual acts with the child several occasions and would pay Kosicki between $100 and $200.

Chambers was the minister of music at DeHaven Baptist Church in La Grange.

Before Kosicki was sentenced, victims' family members asked the judge to show no mercy.

One father called Kosicki a sick and twisted monster, and said he hopes he suffers and dies in prison.

Prosecutors say Kosicki has been writing a book while incarcerated, detailing the accounts of the abuse, and naming his victims. 

They also say he has been writing a letter to another inmate and in it he said, "50 years here I come, LOL."

Chambers remains in custody while awaiting trial.

A mother said he has cast shame on her innocent children and has wreaked havoc on their family with no end in sight.

Kosicki will be in his 80's before he is released from prison.

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